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Corona will pass, the beauty of Krka and Plitvice won’t!

O yes – global tourism is affected by this new Corona virus! It is not secret anymore. Where there is a worldwide panic, there is a loss to the tourism economy. When we speak about the travel industry – the Corona virus is expected to cause a loss of 820 billion dollars.

The impact of the Covid-19 on tourism is unquestionable. Closing borders, prohibiting travel in general and more extreme government policies will not stop the spread of the Corona Virus, said the World Travel and Tourism Council. But the good news is – it can’t last forever! Corona will pass but all those beautiful destinations in Dalmatia won’t!

All travel lovers have to postpone plans a little, and you can use this time to research a bit destination you planned to visit. Luckily, we have the internet and it will be more than ever allies on our side during hard times.

Be positive! In China, there is now growing optimism that the epidemic will get under control by late April. And this is only for one month! So, don’t throw away your travel plan, and keep reading more about Krka Waterfalls and Plitvice Lakes Tourfrom Split.

Be safe, follow medical and government instructions and see you in Croatia! That’s for sure!

Krka Waterfalls Tour – a must-do trip from Split

If you go from Split, by bus or a car, you will get at the entrance of the National Park in a maximum of one hour. To avoid crowded entrance, take advice and buy your ticket in advance, online. There are a few ways to enter the Park.

And the most popular, and still the most interesting is definitely from Skradin. From this lovely little town, you continue to Krka Waterfalls by a boat. If you haven’t booked Toru including tickets, expect some lines in front, but you shouldn’t wait too long. 

Then, sit and relax during ~30 minutes boat ride to the Waterfalls. Once you leave the boat, you have your free time to explore the beauty of this magnificent spot. 

Witness the beauty of Skradinski Buk waterfall, the biggest and most spectacular of all seven Krka waterfalls. From this year, it won’t be possible to swim under this Waterfall, due to visitor safety. Pre-season and postseason are the best periods for visiting this National Park Krka because there are fewer people around and you can actually meditate in the deepness of nature.

The Krka River is 72.5 km long, making it the 22nd longest river in Croatia. It springs in the foothills of the Dinara mountain range, 2.5 km northeast of Knin. With its seven waterfalls and a total drop in altitude of 242 m, the Krka is a natural and karst phenomenon. The travertine waterfalls of the Krka River are the fundamental phenomenon of this river.

The Krka Waterfalls entrance prices you can find here, and book it as well. But we have to warn you – always is better to book a Tour with Park tickets included.

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This video is short but full of “Krka power.” If you are interested in watching more videos, the official Web site of Krka National Park offers great footage! 

What to expect on this tour? In the first line – a short ride for a great experience. Lots of fresh air, green sceneries, mystical spots. There is also an opportunity for long walkway (about 3 km) by side of the river if you enter by foot, not by boat. This option is nice if you have more time, and you are accompanied by dogs or kids. Take a picnic blanket with you, some water and snacks and have a day of your stay in Dalmatia! 

After this experience, we’re sure you will ask for more! And luckily, we have more to offer! Ladies and gentleman – meet Plitvice Lakes – the most popular National Park in Croatia. And yes – you can visit it in one day tour from Split! Continue reading…

Plitvice Lakes – breathtaking tour and scenario to remember!

Winter, spring, summer or autumn – Plitvice Lakes always! If you booked your hotel&apartement in Split, the good news is you can visit this gem of nature in just one day Plitvice Tour! If you prefer more intimacy and less crowd, feel free to book our Private Tour and enjoy like a king!

Plitvice Lakes are only on 2,5 hours from Split by car/van, and once you decide and book this tour, prepare yourself for astonishing sceneries. What to visit, what to do and where to eat, you can check on official web site of National Park, of course. 

Though, in this blog, we try to collect useful references so you can be relaxed and have one of the best days of your vacation in Croatia!

On 8 April 1949, it was proclaimed Croatia’s first National Park and today it is the oldest and biggest National Park in Croatia. Situated in the mountainous region of Croatia, The park is primarily covered in forest vegetation, with smaller areas under grasslands. 

Lakes are, expected, the most attractive part of the park. The lake system is comprised of 16 named and several smaller unnamed lakes, cascading one into the next.

Plitvice Lakes

In the winter, when the lakes freeze, visitors are stunned by the unprecedented beauty. So, don’t hesitate to go on Plitvice lakes Tour, if you arrived in November or January. Watch this video and you will know what are we talking about.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park offers visitors eight different routes to tour the lake system and four hiking trails. During the most frequented days at NP Plitvice Lakes, there can be as many as 14,300 visitors.

It is important to know that Upper Lakes are closed to visitors until Spring.

If you decided to stay in the area (which is not so impossible) there is more than one nice place to a sleepover. Whatever –  if you choose an apartment or a wood cabin, you will feel the spirit of the nature and freshness of lakes all around your head. In this case, when you wake up by song of birds and aromas of threes, you can rent a Quad Safari tour on-site, or Kayak tour on Gacka river. Horseback riding might be a great activity if you are with kids, and finally, visit the Equestrian centre Rastoke.

Plitvice North entrance 1, is just above lower lakes, while the South entrance 2, is next to the Upper Lakes. There are always enough parking places, even in a high season. Lightweight clothing like T-shirts and shorts are a must as well as hat, sunglasses and sunblock. Evenings get cooler as soon as the sun sets behind the mountains, so let your jacket be in your bag. In Lakes, swimming is forbidden but if you really want to swim, continue just around 10 km north from the park and enjoy untouched nature and river. All geological processes on these lakes continue today. These crystalline lakes and its waterfalls and cascades are the main attraction of this park, inscribed 1979 in Unesco World Heritage list.  

The waters of the River Korana, flowing across the limestone and chalk of the mountains of Kapela and Plješivica, have formed a cascade of 16 lakes and waterfalls punctuated by barriers created by travertine sedimentation. The effect of such continuous geological processes is an architectural phenomenon of nature in constant change and motion forming. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species. 

To experience true Plitvice Lakes, Lika Destination and everything that we have mentioned before, the tourist office of National Park have prepared a Plitvice Lakes app for you with a list of activities and places you can visit and which we recommend to you from the first to the last.

One day at Plitvice Lakes is more than enough. But if you left some activities behind you – maybe next season or year you should do the rest! 

Krka and Plitvice Lakes in one day? 

Well, theoretically it is possible. But if you are clever enough you will never do that 😉 Krka Waterfalls needs 3 hours and Plitvice Lakes needs 4-5 hours. Maybe the good idea would be to book both tours from Split – one for the beginning and the other before leaving a country. In this case, memories would last longer and facilitate the return in home-reality. 

And what after Krka or Plitvice? It is time to refresh your senses and palates by Wine tasting in the Diocletian’s Palace! Finishing the day in this way, you might want more! We recommend Some boat tours like Blue Lagoon Tour or if you more like Game Of Thrones fan – enjoy Split Old town and learn more about GOT locations. 

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